CEO Message

Dear Friends,

E.G. STRATEGAKIS S.A. Group continues to innovate, always with respect for the loyalty that you have shown us over the years, and always faithful to our vision:

=> to provide young people with the opportunity to communicate worldwide through foreign languages and to interact as equal citizens of the world
=> to educate the younger generation with the technologies of the future
=> to expand with measured steps beyond the borders of Greece and to export management know-how
=> to innovate in the field of private tertiary education
=> to combine the science of entrepreneuring while continuously making a cultural contribution

This vision has guided us in our many years of activity in the sector of private education and training, together with the catalytic advice of the valuable human resources of the Group, the administrative and educational executives who with their professionalism and dedication to their fields of expertise maintain the high level of services which we provide.

The network of ISON Foreign Language Centres and e-studies information technology comprise sectors from which the STRATEGAKIS Group initiated its efforts and actively continues to date with great success. It is with all of us having great belief in our mission in combination with our experience and our managerial prestige, that we have developed the most dense, innovative and ‘active’ network with Foreign Language and Information Technology Centres in Northern Greece. As from 2005, the network has expanded to Southern Greece to Athens and Patra.

The proximity of our headquarters in Thessaloniki with the Balkans has already led us, since 1991, to export our educational and managerial know-how to 3 neighbouring countries with the establishment of three Foreign Language Networks in Albania, Bulgaria and Fyrom with more that 45 Centres. We also have the exclusive administration of Cambridge ESOL examinations in two countries abroad.

Since 1989, we have also been active in the sector of tertiary education in collaboration with the University of Sheffield, U.K. Through CITY College in Thessaloniki, an educational institute with prestigious specifications, we offer graduate and post-graduate degrees in the fields of Business Studies, Computer Science and Psychology. CITY College is a truly International Institution with a combined student body of at least 15 nationalities.

Considering it our duty to provide our students with the widest possible access to learning, we have established the Thessaloniki International Library, the largest foreign-language library in Northern Greece with over 30,000 titles, thereby being a formidable cultural and educational contribution of our Group.

Since we also believe in the significance of research, we founded the Research Centre SEERC (South Eastern European Research Centre). Its aim is to issue grants to doctorate students and the promotion of research in the field of socio-economic sciences in the area of south-eastern Europe.

Indeed, in the E.G. STRATEGAKIS S.A. Group, we have combined that which is rare in Greek terms – a tradition with continual development and innovation. This combination also characterizes our managerial culture – a culture of taking measured and systematic steps, hard and high-quality work done with great zealousness, substance and never losing the human touch. We hope that you will experience these characteristics on our website and I sincerely hope that our faceboard – a tool for the exclusive use of all our students, both children and adults – will establish a new avenue for everyday communication and the exchange of opinions and will bring together all our students from all countries covered by our network.

George E. Strategakis (Ed. M. Harvard)
General Manager